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Features of Upsetting Forged Rebar Coupler


Upsetting Forged Rebar Couplers offer a full strength connection together with enhanced fatigue resistance. Followings are the main features of Upsetting Forged Rebar Coupler.

1. The splice is as strong as steel bars. The performance meets the requirements of the highest grade (Grade I) in the current industry standard "Technical Regulations for Mechanical Connection of Steel Bars" (JGJ 107-2016).

2. Faster construction, convenient inspection, reliable quality, and no project quality risks.

3. The connection does not require power or other energy equipment, and the operation is not affected by the climate and environment. It can be operated in the wind, snow, rain, underwater, and flammable gas environment.

4. On-site operation is simple,  and only simple training is required. The operation of Upsetting Forged Rebar Coupler is very simple and convenient. Generally, after a short time of training, workers can grasp and make qualified splices.

5. Rebar thread processing can be done on-site or in a precast factory without any pollution. 

6. The requirements and conditions of steel bars are not strict, even steel bars with poor welding performance and large shape deviation can be processed to meet the performance requirements of class I splices, and the splice quality is very stable.

7. Small sizes can save steel materials and costs.