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The Specification and Model of Steel Sleeve


1. By size of the square head: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ three specifications, ″ is inch, 1″ = 25.4MM;

2. According to the length: long sleeve, short sleeve, E-shaped sleeve.

3. By side: 6 corners, 12 corners, 4 corners;

4. Appearance: single groove and double groove; knurling; straight barrel; nickel plating and chrome plating, etc.;

5. In terms of usage: there are manual socket wrench and pneumatic socket wrench (black, chrome molybdenum steel);

6. According to different disassembly screws: outer hexagonal sleeve, outer plum blossom sleeve; inner hexagonal sleeve, inner hexagonal sleeve, inner 12-shaped sleeve; E-type sleeve, pentagonal compression sleeve, pentagonal hollow compression sleeve, Four-corner sockets, etc.

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