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Technical Advantages of Rebar Coupler


Rebar coupler is applied to rebar mechanical splicing in reinforced concrete structure and is designed to connect threaded rebar with diameter from 12mm-50mm. Rebar coupler is applied to reinforced concrete construction in various kinds of construction projects. It is regarded as an innovated construction material and connection, with characteristics of energy-saving, environment friendly and high efficiency. Here DLADTO will talk about some technical advantages of it then we can know why it been highly pushed by national and district construction department.

Excellent anti-fatigue nature

Having passed 2 million times' fatigue experiments.

Wide range of application

Applicable to the same or different diameter rebars'(12-50mm) connection in any directions and positions.

Energy saving

The rated power of the equipment is 3-4Kw only,no need to use special electric power facilities.

High-speed construction

The screw thread head can be made before constructing to ensure the rebars to be connected on site.

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