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How Many Steel Wire Heads can a Straight Thread Rolling Machine Make in One Hour


Many customers may want to know how many steel wire heads can your straight thread rolling machine make in one hour before purchase threaded rolling machine.

Straight threaded rolling machine manufacturers DLADTO are here to explain this issue to you. First, how many thread heads a thread rolling machine can rolls in an hour is determined by the motor and reducer of the machine. Also, it is determined by the type of steel bar too. Sure. Now that, we will introduce you the types of threaded rolling machines that used in the market.

HGS-40 Ordinary Straight Thread Rolling Machine--Adopts 4.5kw motor and reducer at a rate of 1:19, suitable for processing 16, 18, 20, 22, 25 HRB400 steel bars. The number of processing per hour is about 400-800 pcs.

HGS-40 Reinforced Rebar Threading Machine--It adopts 5.5kw motor and reducer with a speed of 1:17, which is able to processing all specifications of HRB400 steel bars. The number of processing per hour is about 300-1000 pcs.

If the processing steel bars are 36, 40, it is recommended to modify the motor to 75 million and the speed reducer to 1:15, so that it can be processed faster and efficiently.