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Differences and similarities between upsetting forged rebar coupler & rib-peeling rebar coupler ?


What are the differences and similarities between upsetting forged rebar coupler and rib-peeling rebar coupler ?

1. Strength comparison:   

   Two type rebar coupler both are A standard, which means that the tensile strength of the coupler is higher than the base material, and has high ductility and repeated tensile and compressive properties. Comply with the industry standard of "General Technical Specification for Mechanical Connection of Steel Bars".

2. Technical comparison

    The technology of upsetting forged thread rebar coupler is an improvement on the current steel bar welding, sleeve cold extrusion connection, and taper thread connection technology . It has the characteristics of high  joint strength, equal strength to the steel bar base material, fast connection speed, stable performance, wide application range, convenient operation, and low material consumption; It is of great significance for improving the quality of construction projects, saving steel, and improving construction speed. The disadvantage is that sometimes brittle fracture occurs.

  The Technology of rib-peeling thread rebar coupler is the fastest developing and widely adopted new technology in recent years, with various advantages such as simple construction, high efficiency, and stable quality. Due to the use of cold work hardening during the processing of the wire head, the joint strength is high and the fatigue resistance is good. It has all the advantages of upsetting straight threads and avoids the brittle fracture phenomenon of upsetting straight threads. It is currently the most commonly used steel bar mechanical connection technology.

3. Process comparison

1. Upsetting: cutting the end of rebar - upsetting the end of rebar - machining cutting threads -Splicing rebar by coupler

2. Rib stripping: cutting the end of rebar  -Stripping the ribs at the end of rebar and then rolling thread-Splicing rebar by coupler

4. Equipment comparison

1. Upsetting forged rebar coupler need upsetting forged machine , thread cutting maching , spanner 

2. Rib-peeling thread rebar coupler just need thread rolling machine and spanner