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Characteristics of Upsetting Forged Rebar Coupler


Characteristics of upsetting forged rebar coupler:

1. It has a strong connection with the rebar, meeting the highest grade (Grade I) requirements of the current industry standard “Technical Specification for Mechanical Connection of Reinforcing Bars” (JGJ 107-2016).

2. Fast construction speed, convenient inspection, reliable quality, and no protentional quality problems in engineering.

3. It not require to electricity during connection, and won't affected by weather conditions, and can be operated in wind, snow, rain, underwater, and flammable gas.

4. Simple operation, both rebar upsetting and threading equipment are easy and convenient to operate. Workers can master and produce qualified joints with short-term training.

5. Rebar threading processing can be carried out on-site or in precast factories, without any pollution to the site.

6. Lower requirements for rebar, joints that meet Grade I performance requirements can be processed for rebar with poor welding performance or large dimensional deviations (such as oval-shaped base circle, misalignment of base circle, excessive longitudinal ribs, negative tolerance of section), and the quality of joints is very stable.

7. Small sleeve size, which means steel-saving, and low cost.