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Introducing of Taper Threaded Coupler


Are you looking for a reliable and efficient mechanical joint for rebar splicing in concrete structures? Taper threaded coupler is specially designed to withstand both axial and horizontal forces, providing you with the perfect solution for your construction needs.

Here's why taper threaded coupler stands out from the rest:

1. Raw Material -Saving:

By using our coupler, you can save on raw materials, energy, and improve work efficiency.

2. Construction Environmental Protection:

No frames, no noise pollution! Taper threaded coupler ensures a clean and quiet construction environment.

3. Compatibility:

No matter the chemical composition or type of reinforced bars, taper threaded coupler remains unaffected. It is also weather-resistant, making it perfect for any worksite.

4. Low Cost, Simple Operation:

Enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective solution and easy installation with taper threaded coupler.

5. Prefabrication and Shortened Construction Period:

With the ability to be prefabricated, taper threaded coupler helps reduce construction time, allowing for faster project completion.

6. High Dimension Precision:

Count on taper threaded coupler's reliable quality, stable performance, and high dimension precision.

7. Exceptional Strength:

With a tensile strength that exceeds 600 MPa, taper threaded coupler can reach up to 110% of the yield strength of the parent rebar.

8. Durability:

After undergoing 2 million times of fatigue strength testing, taper threaded couplerproves to maintain its excellent connection.

9. Certified Performance:

According to the National Construction Quality Supervision and Testing Center, taper threaded coupler joint performance has reached the Grade I splicing rebar joint of JGJ107-2016 Industry Standard.