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Standard Length of Straight Threaded Rebar Coupler in Construction Industry


In the construction industry, there are various forms of steel reinforcement connections, such as welding connections, sleeve extrusion connections, and straight threaded rebar coupler connections. Among them, the straight threaded rebar coupler connection method belongs to a type of mechanical connection, which improves some shortcomings of other connection methods and has a wide range of applications.

The straight threaded rebar coupler connection technology involves processing the end of the steel reinforcement into straight threads, and then screwing two threaded ends into a coupler to tightly interlock at the center, resulting in a high connection strength. The length of the straight threaded rebar coupler is a crucial factor that influences the qualification rate of the coupler. In order to avoid quality issues during the usage of straight threaded rebar couplers, the national standards specify the following length standards: φ16--40mm, φ18--45mm, φ20--50mm, φ22--55mm, φ25--60mm, φ28--70mm, φ32--75mm.

In conclusion, the standard length of straight threaded rebar couplers plays a significant role in ensuring the effectiveness and safety of steel reinforcement connections in construction projects. Adhering to the specified length standards is essential for achieving reliable and durable connections that meet the required structural integrity requirements.