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Rebar Coupler VS Ordinary Thread


Compared with ordinary thread, rebar coupler has obvious advantages:


1.     Extend the service life: Because the wire thread insert is made of stainless steel, it has high hardness, which increases the life of the softer base thread by tens to hundreds of times; increases its strength and avoids the phenomenon of tripping and random buckling. happen.

2.     Enhanced thread connection strength: applied to soft low-strength alloy materials such as aluminum and magnesium, which can effectively enhance the connection strength of the thread. The ordinary internal thread of aluminum profile has a maximum tensile strength of 1394N. Thread, its minimum tensile strength can reach 2100 N.

3.     Enlarge the bearing surface: it can be used for thin machine parts that require a strong connection but cannot increase the diameter of the screw hole.

4.     Improve the connection conditions and increase the bearing capacity and fatigue strength of the threaded connection: Since the wire threaded sleeve is an elastic fastener, the use of the wire threaded sleeve can eliminate the pitch and thread deviation between the screw and the screw hole, so that the load is evenly distributed , Thereby improving the load-bearing capacity and fatigue strength of the threaded connection.

5.     Anti-corrosion: The characteristics of the wire thread insert material itself and its surface is extremely smooth, and it will not rust the mating substrate when used in harsh environments such as humidity and corrosion, and avoid the expensive replacement of the threaded hole due to rust and cannot be disassembled. Loss of substrate. It can be used in chemical, aviation, military equipment and other occasions that require high insurance coefficients.

6.     Wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and corrosion-resistant: As the surface finish of the wire thread insert is extremely high, it can effectively reduce the friction between the internal and external threads, and the material itself has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be used in parts that are frequently disassembled and installed and screw holes that are frequently rotated to extend its service life.

7.     Anti-vibration and anti-loosening: The special structure of the locking screw sleeve can lock the screw in the screw hole in a strong vibration and impact environment without loosening, and its locking performance is better than other locking devices. It can be used in instruments and meters, precision and precious power equipment, and aerospace, aviation, military equipment and other occasions that require high insurance coefficients.

8.     Easy maintenance: In the case of thread processing errors or damaged internal threads repairing, the use of wire thread inserts can bring the base back to life, and the original screws can be used, which is fast and economical. A simple example, such as diesel engine body, textile parts, various aluminum parts, lathe tool tables, etc. will be scrapped due to damage to a screw hole. As long as it is re-tapped and the screw sleeve is installed, the waste will come back to life.

9.     Conversion: The conversion of metric ←→English ←→international standard threaded holes with wire thread inserts is very convenient, fast, economical and practical, and is suitable for any import and export products.