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Disassembly steps and installation inspection of rebar couplers


Disassembly steps for rebar couplers:

Insert the tip of the remover into the hole of the wire sleeve, press the handle firmly, and turn it counterclockwise to remove the rebar couplers.


Installation detection of rebar couplers:

After the rebar couplers are installed, the threaded hole tolerance zone depends on the rebar couplers profile manufacturing tolerance and the rebar couplers mounting hole thread tolerance zone, the former is controlled by the rebar couplers manufacturer, the latter mainly depends on the rebar couplers mounting hole tapping accuracy, usually formed 6H grade, can reach 5H, 4H grade tolerance zone when the precision is high, the unified thread standard is 2B, 3B. The bottom hole thread can be inspected with the corresponding grade of plug gauge.


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