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Tensile Strength Test of Rebar Coupler


Rebar Coupler is designed to produce a full-strength mechanical joint between reinforcing bars. Today, I will share with you how to detect the tensile strength of the rebar coupler. Let's get a close look.

1. Process Inspection

Before and during the construction of the steel bar connection project, conduct a process inspection for each batch of incoming splices. There shall be no less than 3 splices of each type of steel bar during process inspection. The base material of the splice specimen shall be taken tensile strength test.

2. On-site Inspection

The on-site inspection of splices shall be carried out according to the acceptance batch, and the joints of the same grade, type, and specification of the same batch of materials shall be adopted under the same construction conditions. An acceptance batch of 500 will be conducted for inspection. For each acceptance batch of splice, three specimens must be randomly selected from the engineering structure for unidirectional tensile tests.

3. Test Equipment

Tensile Strength Test is one of the most important testing items for rebar couplers. Microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine can meet the test needs.