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Rebar Coupler Cold Extrusion Connection Technology


Cold extrusion rebar coupler connection is a new technology for steel bar connection in the construction of reinforced concrete structures. At present, it is used in some large hydropower projects in our country, such as the Three Gorges Hydropower Station, the Xiaolangdi Project, the Gongboxia Hydropower Station, and the Laxiwa Hydropower Station. 

Features of steel sleeve cold extrusion technology:

(1) The cold extrusion rebar coupler connection technology is simple and easy to master.

(2) The cold extrusion rebar coupler is fast in construction, which can save a lot of time in construction.

(3) The cold extrusion rebar coupler can reduce the engineering cost.

(4) The cold extrusion rebar coupler is suitable for the radial extrusion connection of ribbed steel bars with steel bar diameters of φ16-φ40 in reinforced concrete structures.

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