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Binding, Welding and Mechanical Connection


Types of rebar connection: binding, welding, mechanical connection.

1. Binding and overlapping: the overlapping of steel bar is tie two steel bars with wire bindling. The connection method is suitable for the connection of steel bars with smaller diameters. It is used for reinforcement mesh in concrete, the warp and weft are evenly arranged.

2. Welding connection: welding connection of steel bars is divided into three types: arc welding, electroslag pressure welding and flash butt welding. Each type of welding must be sent for trial welding. In principle, the test welding problem requires all welding specifications and types used in this project, and each welder must make a set of test pieces.

3. Mechanical connection: mechanical connection generally refers to the rebar sleeve connection, which is mostly used for wall columns and beams. It is to process the end of the steel bar into a straight thread by rolling process, and connect the two steel bars with rebar coupler.