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Why Is Rebar Coupler So Popular?


In the construction industry, various steel bars are used in a very wide range of situations. It is known that the length of steel bars is limited. Sometimes the steel bar is too long and people will cut it, and sometimes we also need to connect them. If the cut steel bar is not very long and connected with welding technology, it is not only time-consuming, but sometimes the labor cost of connecting the steel bar is far beyond the use of the value, and such a practice often does not pay for itself.

Now the rebar coupler is a new product designed to replace the traditional welding method. Instead of using the old connections method, the rebar coupler uses new technology to connect steel bars without any electrical support. The rebar coupler adopts the international standard 45 steel, so that the product has unexpectedly super hardness, to ensure firmness and stability during use.

The rebar splicer and coupler has an exquisite design and high precision, which effectively ensures that the steel bar is more firm after the connection. Compared with the old welding method, rebar coupler is more environmentally protected and safer, which can improve the efficiency of the project. No matter what material the steel bar is made of, it will not affect the use of rebar coupler.

There are a wide variety of rebar couplers, with 52 varieties. No matter what type of steel bar you choose, you can find a suitable rebar coupler. The use of rebar coupler is very simple, and no professional operators are required to connect the reinforcement, which can save labor costs and shorten the construction period.