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How the Rebar Coupler Connected to Steel Bar


Rebar coupler are used to connect sleeves and rebars. But how does the rebar coupler connect with steel bar? The rebar coupler manufacturer will explain to you the relationship between the rebar coupler and steel bar connection:

The connection forms:

1. Zaza form. Stagger the steel bars by a certain length, and then tie them firmly with iron wire.

2. Electric welding form. That is, the steel bars are staggered by a certain length, and then firmly welded by electric welding.

3. Butt welding form. That is, the end of the steel bar is fused butt welded by a butt welder or an electroslag pressure welder.

4. Mechanical connection. Straight threads connect require a certain connection length, and tapered threads connect are fixed with a special torque wrench. The joints of cold-rolled steel bars and steel bar joints must be rolled with a special hydraulic press.

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