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Benefits of Rebar Coupler


Rebar couplers are employed in reinforced concrete cement structures to change the system of lapping & welding in reinforcement. Couplers are employed where the long length of the bar is required or when connecting the additional bars to the end of existing bars are connected by wire next to each other.

Some benefits of the coupler in reinforcement are as follows:

a. It has excellent quality control & is easy to handle.

b. The load transfer is reasonable.

c. The coupler does not make congestion.

d. The continuity load path is valid.

e. The rebar coupler is very economical compared to all the systems of joints in reinforcement.

f. The Coupler expands the work speed by short installment.

g. The connection check is easy & simple.

h. It enhances the service of the bar by not wasting bars like the lapping.

i. The coupler decreases the lapping length analysis.

j. It enhances structural integrity.