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Why are Rebar Connection Sleeves Popular


In the construction industry, steel bars are used widly, and it is well known that the length of steel bars is limited. Sometimes the construction need long steel bars, and welding technology cost a lot on time-consuming and laborious. In this case, the rebar connection sleeve is a good choice. Let's take a look to know why are rebar connection sleeves popular in customer?

Now, the rebar connection sleeve is a new product that replace the traditional welding method. The rebar connection sleeve can stall without electric, and it takes the international standard No. 45 steel material, which makes itsuper hard and ensures the firmness and stability of the product during use.

The rebar connection sleeve is exquisitely designed, and the precision of each product is very high. Moreover, use rebar connection sleeve is much environmentally friendly that it does not use open flame operations, which improves the safety and effectiveness of engineering construction. 

There are many types of rebar connection sleeves, as many as 52 varieties. No matter what type of steel bar you choose, you can find a suitable rebar connection sleeve. The method of using the steel bar connection sleeve is very simple and does not require professionals to do the job, which can save a lot costs and shorten the construction period.