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Process Flow of Full Grouting Rebar Coupler


Full grouting rebar coupler is the connection between the steel bars at both ends through the grouting material and the sleeve. The sleeves used are +CTH+ series grouting connection sleeves.

Generally, full grouting rebar coupler used for the connection of the main reinforcement of prefabricated frame beams. It can connect ?HRB335 and HRB400 ribbed steel bars currently, and the diameter range of the connecting steel bars is φ16mm~φ40mm.

What is the process flow of the full grouting rebar coupler?

1. Make the label and install the sleeve:

a. Use a marker pen to mark the insertion depth of the connecting reinforcement;

b. Put the couplers all over the connecting steel bars of the prefabricated beams on one side.

2. Hoisting and fixing of components: The components are hoisted in place according to the installation requirements and then fixed.

3. The coupler is in place: After hoisting, check the alignment of the steel bars to be connected protruding from the components on both sides, the deviation shall not be greater than ±5mm, and the gap between the two steel bars shall not be greater than +30mm. Move the coupler to the middle of the two butt bars according to the mark.

4. Node protection after grouting: After grouting, the strength of the test block under the same conditions as the grouting material reaches 35MPa (1-3 days for special grouting material) before entering the subsequent construction. Components and key layers shall not be subject to vibration or collision within 24 hours after grouting.