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Advantages of Rolling Rebar Coupler


Good mechanical properties, safe and reliable connection: because the end of the steel bar is rolled and formed, and the steel bar material is cold-worked, the strength of the thread and the steel bar are improved, which makes up for the weakening of the strength caused by the thread bottom diameter being smaller than the base circle diameter of the steel bar. The strength of the connected joint is higher than that of the base metal, and the base metal can give full play to its strength and ductility. 

Convenient connection: flexible operation in the densely arranged steel bars in narrow sites. Convenient construction and high efficiency: steel bar connection couplers are prefabricated in the factory, quality assurance: each set of on-site rolling wire head equipment can process nearly 400 joints per shift, which has unparalleled advantages in the construction of large quantities and basement plates. , There is no pollution during construction, no open fire operation, good safety and environmental protection, and can be constructed around the clock. 

Ease of detection: No specific testing equipment is required during construction, and the quality of the joint can be determined only by looking at the exposed wire teeth of the steel bar. Strong applicability: It is suitable for the connection of steel bars in all seismic and non-seismic reinforced concrete structural projects, and it is suitable for bending steel bars, fixed steel bars, steel cages, super-long steel bars, etc., as well as occasions that cannot be rotated.