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Distinguishing method of positive and negative thread couplers of straight thread couplers


How to distinguish the positive and negative wire coupler s of straight threaded couplers, how to distinguish the positive and negative wire couplers of straight threaded couplers?

There are two ways to distinguish the positive wire and the reverse wire in the conventional straight thread connection coupler , as follows.

  1. You can hold the threaded connection coupler with your right hand. If the helix angle of the thread is in the direction of the thumb, it is a positive thread; if it is the opposite, it is a reverse thread.

  2. If you hold it in your hand and rotate clockwise, it can be screwed in, and if it is rotated counterclockwise, it is a positive wire;

  3. It can also be seen with the naked eye that each coupler of the coupler has a corresponding steel stamp.