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Rolled Straight Threaded Rebar Splice


Rolled straight threaded rebar splice is the joint formed by rolling the end of the steel bar or the extrusion (rolling) of the rib rolling or the stripping of the rib and the rolling of the straight thread and the thread of the connecting piece.

The basic principle is to use the characteristics of metal materials that are plastically deformed and then cold hardened to enhance the strength of metal materials, and the plastic deformation and cold hardening occur on the surface of the metal, while the performance of the original metal is still maintained inside the metal, so that the steel bar joint and the base metal reach equal strength.

There are three types of rolled straight threaded rebar splice: direct rolled threaded, extruded (rolled) rib rolled threaded, and stripped rib rolled threaded. The threaded accuracy and size obtained by these three types of connection joints are different, and the quality of the joints also different.