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The 133rd Canton Fair: Providing one-stop services for global procurement of building materials


The 133rd Canton Fair: Providing one-stop services for global procurement of engineering equipment and materials 


As a one-stop service provider for engineering equipment and materials (solutions), Yuantuo Building Materials Group has been participating in the "Old Canton Fair" for 28 consecutive sessions. It has always attached great importance to each session of the Canton Fair, and the enterprise has always adhered to the strategy of "going out" with an open attitude, committed to expanding overseas markets, and launched a new international layout with a strong momentum. With a strong supply chain system, excellent product quality, and high-quality customer service, Yuantuo's sales network has now spread to 160 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 90000 global customers, providing project support for more than 3000 engineering and construction companies, as well as more than 3400 building materials companies worldwide. With a total of over 10000 service projects, its brand awareness and influence continue to increase.


Amidst the increasingly complex international market environment and the sharp rise in domestic production costs, Yuantuo Building Materials Group is exploring innovation, seeking opportunities from crises, and creating more value for global buyers through product and model innovation. Yuantuo Building Materials Group always adheres to the core values of "integrity, innovation, sharing, and win-win", upholds the sales philosophy of "customer-centered, constantly meeting customer value needs", works hard, bravely moves forward, accelerates the development steps of "going out" and "introducing", expands the global market with strong momentum, and opens up international layout with a new posture.