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Advantages of Rebar Upsetting Machine


Advantages of rebar upsetting machine:

1. Simple operation, hydraulic and electrical control, no need for professional skills, and it can be turned on and operated after short-term training.

2. Expand the cross-sectional area of the end of the steel bar by 15-20%, so that the bottom diameter of the processed thread is not less than the diameter of the base material of the steel bar. 

3. The steel bar upsetting machine has high production efficiency, upsetting 1 end in 10-15 seconds. 

4. The processing range of steel bars is wide, and the steel bars with diameters of 16-40 can be processed. 

5. It has the advantages of light weight, generous appearance, fast speed and flexible use. 6. The steel upsetting machine is environmentally friendly, safe and not affected by the environment and climate