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Extend Rebar Coupler Advantages


Extend rebar coupler is designed for long, large, and dense bars being installed on site, and it is not convenient to rotate the re-bars. The extended rebar coupler is longer than the normal steel couplings.

Product advantages: 

1. Raw material-saving, high energy saving, high work efficiency.

2. Construction environmental protection. No flame, no noise pollution.

3. It is not be affected by the chemical compositions and types of reinforced bars and won't be influenced by weather and work-site.

4. Low cost, simple operation.

5. Can be prefabricated and the construction period can be shortened.

6. High dimension precision, reliable quality and stable performance.

7. High strength. The tensile strength usually more than 600 Mpa, it can reach 110% of yield strength of parent rebar.

8. After 2 million times of fatigue strength test, the connection is in good condition.

9. According to the inspection of national construction quality supervision and testing center, the rebar coupler joint performance has reach the grade I splicing rebar joint of JGJ107-2016 Industry Standard.