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Why Rebar Coupler to Replace Conventional Lapping


Cost Effectiveness
The conventional method of connecting reinforcement bars with lap joints in reinforced concrete need not be always appropriate. Advantages of simplicity and economy in lap splicing is limited to smaller diameter bars, mechanical couplers offer the solution for splicing when large diameter bars are involved like 20,25,32 and 40mm Diameter where huge cost saving can be done.

Structural Reliability
Coupler spliced perform like continuous reinforcement. That develops full tensile strength mechanically, independent of concrete. Coupler splices are excellent for severe condition like earthquake, typhoon, especially suitable for condition that demands higher ductility of building structure.

Designers Friendly
Rebar-join coupler reduces rebar congestion and improves concrete flow & consolidation. It offers greater flexibility in design options. The simplicity in detailing of reinforcement, particularly in reinforcement congestion zones minimizes the reinforcement fixing errors, detailing and fixing of seismic reinforcement becomes effortless. Workability with higher steel-to-concrete ratio allows optimum sizing of RC structural column.

Contractor’s Choice
Rebar-join coupler offers quality, cost and time saving. Fixing couplers requires no special skills or equipments. Simple mechanical ways in adopting mechanical splicing compared to lapping, accelerates construction schedules for optimum cost and efficiency. It is economical to use couplers for higher diameter rebar as it saves on considerable weight and rebar wastage.