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Different Diameters Rebar Sleeve


Rebar reducing sleeve are used to connect steel bars of different diameters. The rebar reducing sleeve models are 18 to 16, 20 to 18, 22 to 20, 22 to 18, 25 to 22, 25 to 20, 25 to 18, 28 to 25, 28 to 22, 32 to 28, 32 to 25 , 36 to 32, 36 to 28, 40 to 36mm, etc.

Rebar reducing sleeve can be widely used in reinforced concrete structure engineering in steel bars in various industrial and civil buildings. It is especially suitable for high-rise buildings, roads, bridges, subways, tunnels, power stations, dams and other buildings and structures with high explosion-proof and earthquake-proof requirements.

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