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Weldable Rebar Coupler and Connection Characteristics


Weldable rebar coupler can be fixed on steel structures through welding at one end for connecting reinforcement bars and steel plates; ordinary sleeves are used for connecting reinforcement bars. Weldable rebar coupler are used for connecting reinforcement bars between rigid steel columns. The difference between weldable rebar couplers and ordinary rebar coupler is the 45-degree chamfering process of the weldable rebar couplers, which is not present in the ordinary rebar coupler. Additionally, the lengths of weldable couplers vary, and technical parameters such as length, pitch, and thread angle depend on the needs of the construction. 

Welding characteristics of weldable rebar couplers

1. Reliable connection quality and fast construction speed;

2. Welding joint quality meets the higher level requirements of Grade I joint performance in the industry standard “General Technical Specification for Mechanical Connection of Reinforcement Bars”