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How to Make the Template for Rebar Coupler Connection


How to make the template for rebar coupler connection?

Procedure standard:

1. Rebar cutting should be done with a non-toothed saw for a straight and even end section.

2. The rebar coupler should be qualified, with well-shaped threads and no defects such as broken or bald threads. After the thread processing is completed, fitted with a protective cover.

3. The coupler be installed by a torque wrench to ensure the tightening torque value meets the specifications.

4. Each connection should be inspected individually and marked with paint if it passes the inspection.

Quality standard:

1. The end of the rebar should be perpendicular to the axis and should not have a horseshoe or curved shape.

2. The tightening torque value of the torque wrench should meet the specifications or design requirements, with an accuracy of ±15% for the torque wrench.

3. After the connection, there should not be more than one full thread exposed on each end.

4. The ribs of two interconnected rebars should be in a straight line.

The above are procedure standard and quality standard for rebar coupler connection, welcome to contact us for product inquire.