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Performance Requirements of Grouting Rebar Coupler


Performance requirements of grouting rebar coupler are as follows:

1. Vertical rebar connections at the joints of prefabricated columns and prefabricated shear walls. Semi-grouting rebar coupler or fully grouted rebar coupler can be used.

2. Vertical rebar connections at the joints after pouring the lower part of the prefabricated overlay beam. Fully grouted rebar coupler should be used.

Since the rebar couplers of prefabricated components must be arranged at the same section, it is clearly stipulated in the “Technical Specification for Assembled Concrete Structures” JGJ1-2014 that the longitudinal rebar connections using sleeve grouting should meet the performance requirements of Grade I joints in the current national industry standard “Technical Specification for Mechanical Connections of Reinforcement Bars” JGJ107.

Whether the joints meet the performance requirements of Grade I joints is determined by the joint type test specified in JGJ107. The content includes three tests: uniaxial tension, high stress cyclic tension-compression, and large deformation cyclic tension-compression. The deformation performance and tensile strength of the joints are tested. Only the joints that meet the performance criteria for Grade I joints in all these tests can be judged as Grade I joints. The grouting sleeve connections of different specifications of rebars should be subjected to type tests separately.

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