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Structure & Characteristics of One Touch Rebar Coupler


One touch coupler is a node piece coupled to the groove of the rebar node with excellent tensile strength. Here we will delve into the structure & characteristics of one touch rebar coupler.

The barrel of one touch coupler is made al forged round bar, not pipe, so the structure is compact and excelent rigidity is maintained,

Inside, it consists of 1st angle and 2nd angle, and when the reinforcing bars are inserted, it increases the holding force of Wedge,

The wedge of one touch coupler is a special tooth shape that holds the rebars of all shapes, such as Bamboo and Fishbone,

The spring of one touch coupler increases the clamping power ot the wedge with strong elasticity.

The sockets of one touch coupler are screwed into the upper and lower barrels and tighlened together,

The 0-ring of one touch coupler is inserted in the guide groove to prevent the wedge from falling out of the product due to shocks during transportation and handling, thus enhancing the stability of the product. The guide maintains the inside diameler of the wedge to faciitale the insertion of rebars.

If it is compared with other coupling types such as all-in-one type interior, detachable interior and wedge type, one touch coupler, insert type, is considered to have the fastest construction speed among Korean site coupling types. Therefore, it can save significantly on installation time, labor and equipment cost.