One Touch Rebar Coupler
  • One Touch Rebar Coupler, 45# Carbon Steel+20crom, Can Customized.

Product Information


One touch rebar coupler is a node piece coupled to the groove of the rebar node with excellent tensile strength. If it is compared with other coupling types such as all-in-one type interior, detachable interior and wedge type, one touch rebar coupler, insert type, is considered to have the fastest construction speed among Korean site coupling types. Therefore, it can save significantly on installation time, labor and equipment cost.


Imperial Rebar SizeModel NumberLength (mm)Outer diameter (Φ)Weight (Kg)
Tolerance : ±3mm


Product Advantage:

1.Very fast, Save time.

2.No need machine process rebar

3.Manufactured under strict quality assurance plan ISO9001

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