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Advantages of Rib Peeling Roll Thread Rebar Coupler


Rib peeling roll thread rebar coupler is a new type of steel bar connection sleeve technology. The principle involves peeling off the longitudinal and transverse ribs at the end of the steel bar to be connected, then rolling them into straight threads, and finally connecting them by using a specially designed straight thread rebar coupler.

The advantages of rib peeling roll thread rebar coupler:

1. Excellent mechanical performance and reliable connection safety. By rolling the end of the steel bar to form a reinforced thread, the connection strength is higher than the base material strength, while ensuring that the strength and ductility of the base material are fully utilized.

2. Convenient connection operation can be easily carried out in confined spaces and densely packed steel bar areas, with high construction efficiency. Prefabricated steel bar connection sleeves ensure construction quality, and the efficient processing capacity of on-site rolling thread equipment makes it advantageous for large-scale projects and special construction sites. The construction process does not require special requirements, ensuring safety and environmental protection.

3. Simple inspection, no special equipment required, the quality of the joint can be evaluated by observing the surface condition of the steel bars. This method is widely applicable, suitable for various seismic and non-seismic reinforced concrete structural engineering projects, including situations where bending bars, fixed bars, steel cages, or extra-long bars that cannot be rotated are involved.