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The Processing of Rebar Threading Machine is a Non-cutting Processing


The rebar threading machine is a non-cutting processing equipment that can improve the surface quality and strength of workpieces, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the workpieces. This operating process is rapid and energy-saving.

In recent years, the usage rate of rebar threading machines has been continuously increasing. This is primarily because the machine can quickly and precisely thread large pitch workpieces, high-strength bolts, trapezoidal bolts, screws, and other items. To operate rebar threading machine skillfully, the must and first is understand its structure and the function of its various components.

Regular maintenance is essential for rebar threading machines, including inspections and upkeep of the threading wheels and rib peeling cutters. Before use, the chassis needs to be securely grounded. Maintenance of the oil pump should be carried out in a minimally dusty environment to prevent the entry of sand particles into the machine, thereby reducing wear and damage to internal parts.