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Technical Features of Steel Bar Connection Sleeves in Construction


In construction, steel bar connection sleeves are essential for the connection of grade II and grade III steel bars in any direction and position. However, ensuring the quality of welding can be a challenge. The technical characteristics of steel bar connection sleeves include:

1. Steel bar connection sleeves suit for connecting steel bars in various reinforced concrete structures that bear bi-directional tension and compression forces during construction.

2. Material and energy-saving, not restricted by the composition and type of steel bars.

3. Capable of full-range connection. Mechanical connection has evolved through different stages such as cold extrusion, tapered threads, upsetting coarse straight threads, and the current rolling straight threads, with technology becoming increasingly mature and stable, leading to continuous cost reduction.

4. Can be prefabricated, allowing for factory operations without affecting construction schedules, enabling all-weather construction. The overlapping connection method is no longer suitable for large-sized steel bar connections due to the various defects in welding, such as unstable steel material quality, poor weldability, unstable power supply, inadequate welding skills, tight construction schedules, insufficient electrical capacity, as well as the impact of adverse weather conditions including wind, rain, and extreme cold. Moreover, construction plans for places with high fire protection requirements face challenges in terms of the quality and speed of on-site horizontal steel bar connections.

The development and adoption of steel bar connection sleeves provide a versatile and efficient solution for reinforcing steel bar connections in construction projects. These sleeves offer numerous advantages, including enhanced construction efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved connection quality compared to traditional welding methods. By leveraging the technical features of steel bar connection sleeves, construction professionals can ensure the durability and structural integrity of reinforced concrete structures while optimizing construction processes and meeting stringent safety requirements.