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Advantages of Rebar Splicing Technology


Rebar splicing technology is a commonly used rebar connection method, which tightly connects two rebars together through mechanical extrusion. Hereinafter are some of the advantages of rebar extrusion splicing technology:

Reliable strength: The rebar splicing technology can provide reliable connection strength, and the connection strength can reach the strength of the original rebar, ensuring the mechanical properties of the structure.

Safe and reliable: Extrusion connection reduces the degree of stress concentration at the connection part and avoids the stress concentration points that may be caused by welding or threaded connection.

Material saving: Rebar extrusion splicing connects the rebars by mechanical means it does not require additional connection materials (such as welding wire or connection nuts), saving material costs.

Convenient for construction: The extrusion splicing technology is simple and easy to implement, does not require special equipment and skills, reducing the construction difficulty and time cost.

Wide feasibility: Rebar extrusion splicing technology is applicable to various specifications and types of rebars, and has a wide application scope, which can meet the needs of different structures and engineering projects.