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What tests are required for a qualified rebar coupler?


Processing and inspection of straight threaded steel bar connecting coupler.

(1) The material of the straight threaded steel bar connecting coupler : It is made of hot-rolled alloy structural round steel.

(2) The size of the straight-threaded steel bar connection coupler should match the tooth shape and number of the tapered threads at the end of the steel bar, and should meet the requirements that the bearing capacity is higher than that of the steel base material.

(3) In order to ensure the quality of the product, the straight-threaded steel bar connecting coupler is processed by a professional processing factory. The outer surface of the couplers of various specifications are marked with steel grade and specification marks. After the coupler is processed, the taper holes at both ends must be sealed with the corresponding sealing covers.

(4) For the acceptance of the straight-threaded steel bar connection coupler, the specification, model and mark of the coupler should be checked, the number of turns, pitch and tooth height of the inner thread of the coupler , and whether the thread is damaged, skewed, incomplete, rusted, etc., among which The most important part is to check the machining quality of the same specification coupler with a taper thread plug gauge,When the edge of the big end of the coupler is within the gap of the big end of the taper thread plug gauge, the coupler is qualified.