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The Advantages of Rebar Sleeve


Rebar sleeves is a rebar connector with the insider threads that are correspond to the head threads. Its length is a key factor in determining the qualification of the rebar connection sleeves. Rebar sleeves are primarily used in construction industry, it brings convenience to the industry and generates efficient.

1.Using rebar sleeves in the construction industry can reduce the material usage greatly. It is also easy to operate, unrestricted by the type rebars. Customize in advance is available, which won’t take your duration and it has a high processing efficiency.

2.Rebar sleeves is easy to be connected, not only handy but also convenient. Electricity is not necessary during construction. All-weather construction is acceptable.

3.Rebar sleeves are able to connect horizontal, vertical and inclined HBR335,HBR400 same diameter or different diameter rebars.

These are the introduction of the advantages of rebar sleeves. Changsha DLADTO Rebar Splice Co., Ltd is a professional producer of rebar sleeves, rebar connectors, rebar couplers, one touch couplers, anchor plates, end anchors and so on. Calls are welcomed, and we are always happy and ready to help if needed.